STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (including updating courses)

Our MCA approved on-site facility is operated by our sister company, STCW Fire Training Ltd. It uses a modern fire training rig with gas fired cribs and synthetic non-toxic smoke to produce a very realistic, controllable, environmentally friendly and safe training environment. 

All our courses at STCW Training UK Ltd are instructed by the subject matter experts in their field. There are few better instructors in the field of fire-fighting than career served fire-fighters, so we use instructors who are very experienced in the maritime fire training sector.

The 4 day course contains a large amount of practical fire fighting. You will learn about and use several different types of extinguishers, some of which won't have learnt about in your basic fire prevention and firefighting course. You will also carry out hose drills and wear breathing apparatus daily whilst gaining experience in fighting fires. There will be a number of casualty evacuation procedures in a series of escalating exercises designed to build confidence and teamwork. You will also acquire an appreciation of command and control issues.

Students will gain confidence and competence with a focus on controlling fire fighting operations on board ship, organising & training fire parties, fixed systems and conducting fire investigations.

The following criteria is taken from Table A-VI/3 from the STCW code and convention:

  • Recap on classifications of fire
  • Firefighting equipment and techniques
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Heat levels
  • Communications and coordination during fire fighting operations
  • Search and rescue
  • Fixed installations
  • Organisation (fire party systems)
  • Command and control
  • Fire investigation case histories
  • Legislation: requirements for statutory and classification surveys
  • Merchant Shipping Statutory Instruments IMO – SOLAS – IMDG

A pre-requisite of this course is you must have completed Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code) or similar training acceptable to the MCA.

The practical drills can be physically demanding and students should be reasonably fit and able to sign a medical declaration if not in possession of an ENG1.

Duration: 4 Days 

Cost £725

Advanced Fire-fighting Update Course

The update course is a mandatory requirement in accordance with the STCW 2010 Manilla Amendments. This one day theoretical class based course refreshes techniques previously learnt in the full 4 day course  and focused on controlling fire fighting operations on board ship, organising & training fire parties, fixed systems and fire investigations. This is provided with essential education and training to meet the knowledge, understanding and proficiency set out in the STCW table A-VI/3.

Please note: This course does not remove the requirement for holders to update their Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting every five years.

Duration: 1 Day (1/2 day with the declaration at Annex E of MSN 1865 (M))

Cost: £185