Complete a Security Awareness course online and then just attend an online multi-choice assessment

STCW Training UK Ltd can now offer a fully MCA approved online security awareness course which allows you to study the course in a few hours in the comfort of your home or workplace and then attend our training centre to take an online multi-choice test.

The simple multiple choice test takes less than 30 minutes and on completion your certificate will be produced and validated allowing you to work immediately in your chosen employment.

On average delegates spend around 3 to 4 hours studying and conducting practice tests making the online course quicker, more convenient and generally costing considerably less than the full classroom based courses. We arrange the regular test days for the middle period of the day to allow delegates travelling to us to avoid having to find overnight accommodation.

Tests can be arranged using our Express service at bespoke times for an extra charge if your require your certificate immediately.

The security awareness course and certificate are provided by Marlins who are internationally recognised. Certificates are accepted by the vast majority of flag nations and fully endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency who are the UK's certifying authority. (A full list of flag nations who accept the certificate, the "White List" is available as a download at the bottom of this page)

To start the course navigate to: and select "STCW Security Courses" on the left sidebar. This will take you to the course selection page:

  • Select the Merchant Ship picture - not the cruise liner, unless you intend to be working mainly on cruise liners
  • Select “No” to the question "Do you have designated security duties onboard" (the picture showing a red circle and diagonal bar on two walkie talkies)
  • Select UK flagged vessels (the MCA flag picture) which will ensure your certificate is valid on 99% of vessels.

The Marlins website will charge you US$30 for the course. - Please note: the course is available worldwide therefore Marlins' charges are in US$

When you have completed the online training, print your "Proof of Study Certificate" and you are ready to take the test. At this stage please email us to let us know you have completed the training and we will send you a payment link for you to pay for the test and our administration fee. You can then arrange to take the test at our training rooms in Kingskerswell, Devon on a regular test day or mutually convenient date for express applicants.

At current exchange rates our cost for test and administration is £75. Typical course and test cost will total approximately £105 dependent on exchange rates £ sterling to USD

Our bespoke express test and administration charge for delegates who require a certificate urgently is £100