STCW Personal Survival Techniques at STCW Training UK Ltd

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Liferaft Buck 

STCW Personal Survival Techniques is the name given to Sea Survival in the merchant navy and guides you in how to survive if you are involved in an incident at sea. We teach you the necessary skills to survive if you are ever unlucky enough to have to abandon ship with equal emphasis on both small vessels and larger ships.

This course is a mandatory requirement for commercial fishermen and offshore commercial boatmen including merchant seamen and Super-yacht crews.

This course also includes a briefing on the evacuation systems fitted to passenger and hazardous cargo ships.

You will get the opportunity to wear a SOLAS approved survival suit and lifejacket to experience the equipment fitted to most merchant ships during the pool drills. The equipment that is provided in a liferaft is discussed and demonstrated in detail.

The course is carried out at our base in Kingskerswell, Devon. We use a heated indoor pool in the local area for the wet drills and we provide a minibus to take you there.

During your course you will be instructed in how to stay afloat, board a liferaft and maintain the raft fit for use. We discuss different types of lifejackets and how to check them before use. You will see a liferaft capsized and witness or take part in the procedure to right it to enable it to be used effectively.

The course starts at 8.30 a.m. and normally concludes at around 4.15 p.m.

Tea, coffee, water, fruit squash and biscuits are provided.

Duration: 1 Day

Course venue: Newton Abbot, Devon

Cost £150

See a YouTube clip of our pool drills here